Environmental and health reference data for building

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About the INIES database

INIES provides you with the environmental and health declarations of products, equipment and services for evaluating the performance of construction works.

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The audit programs

INIES offers an FDES audit program through an independent third party which is recognisable by this logo.

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How to use the
INIES database

Achieving high environmental and health standards for a building is only possible by combining products, equipment and services with technical characteristics […].

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Information resources

Access all relevant documents: information brochures with technical documents from the Database.

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The digitised data
web service

This service provides direct access to the data in the digital Database with the option of weekly updates.

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The INIES Database’s stakeholders

Welcome to the INES database

The INIES database provides Environmental and Health Declaration Sheets (FDES) for building products, Product Environmental Profiles (PEP) for Equipment, data about services (energy, water, etc.) and material life cycle inventories. All information is provided voluntarily by manufacturers and trade associations based on a Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) that complies with French regulatory requirements based on French and European standards, which are benchmarks adapted to construction products and equipment. A significant portion of this data is audited by an independent third party.