Environmental and health reference data for building

The INIES and PEP Ecopassport® audit programs

· Why are FDES sheets and PEP ecopassports® audited?

Given the importance of getting the environmental impacts of the construction sector under control, ensuring that the environmental declarations available to professionals and the general public are properly established and verified has become important.

This is why organisations that issue FDES* sheets and PEP ecopassports® can have these documents audited by an independent third party as part of their respective programs, which improves the reliability and credibility of their environmental and health information.

This audit is a voluntary process that the manufacturer can opt for, and is not required for a product to be admitted into the INIES. Products that have undergone this audit are clearly identified in the INIES database.

The generalisation of auditing by an independent third party will not take effect until 1 July 2017 (see French regulations).

*since 2006

· Audit an FDES or PEP

To be recorded under the INIES or PEP ecopassport® audit programs, an FDES or PEP ecopassport® must undergo an independent audit to certify that it complies with the requirements prescribed in the Programs’ reference documents, namely:

  • The INIES or PEP ecopassport program
  • o Standards EN 15804 and XP P01-064 (FDES) and XPC 08-100-1 or PCR version 3 (PEP ecopassport®).

This audit may only be performed by an auditor who is authorised by the Program who is not involved in the FDES or PEP ecopassport® creation process.

The results of the audit are published in two documents that attest to the conformity of the FDES or PEP ecopassport®:

  • The audit certificate signed by the authorised independent auditor
  • The audit report

· Become an Authorised Auditor

The role of authorised auditors is to verify, according to the procedures set out by the Program, that FDES sheets are compliant with the “INIES Audit Program” specifications and standards NF EN 15804 and XP P01-064 (FDES), and that PEPs are compliant with the “PEP ecopassport® Program” specifications and standard XPC08-100-1 or PCR version 3 (PEP ecopassport®).

Auditor authorisation is based on the requirements of ISO 14025 and reflects the highest professional standards. This procedure aims to qualify and recognise the skills required to ensure the quality and independence of FDES audits subject to the INIES Program compliance process, and likewise for PEP ecopassport® audits in the PEP ecopassport® Program.

Would you like to become an authorised auditor for the INIES program or the PEP ecopassport® program?
Anyone wishing to become an INIES program auditor must take an exam to obtain authorisation. If successful, the INIES Database Supervisory Board (CSIB) will issue authorisation. At least one exam session is held each year.

The exams for both programs consist of a practical case study (with a prior preparation phase) and an open conversation phase with a jury.

If unsuccessful, candidates may resit later exam sessions as many times as they would like provided that they can demonstrate:

  • compliance with eligibility requirements;
  • mastery of the deficiencies identified during the previous exam.

To sit this exam, candidates must demonstrate the following skills, knowledge, and experience:

Basic training Baccalaureate or equivalent Baccalaureate and above (University
degree or skills training)
Professional experience Experience with the practice of life cycle analysis in the field of construction products.
Has performed a minimum of two FDES sheets for two different product
families in the last 2 years.
Environmental field Two professional experiences related to the environment
Construction industry Have at least two years of experience in the field of construction and construction
Specific knowledge – Conversant with standards for environmental
declarations (NF EN ISO 14020, NF EN ISO 14021, and NF EN ISO 14025), standards for life cycle
analyses (NF EN 14040 et seq.), and the principles of the NF EN ISO 19011 standard on independent
– Conversant with standard NF EN 15804 and the XP P01-064 standard for construction products
– It is also imperative that candidates are conversant with the guide for writing about health and comfort information as well as the INIES database acceptance procedure

For information related to the FDES INIES auditor authorisation process or the PEP ecopassport® auditor authorisation process, see below.

If, upon reviewing this information, you would like to apply, simply send your registration form with your CV and cover letter to: