Environmental and health reference data for building

Who are we ?

Managed in a participatory manner by actors in the construction field including public authorities, INIES is the French national reference database of environmental and health declarations for products, equipment, and services for evaluating works' performance

In development since 2004, it is an operational tool that is indispensable for generalising the eco-design of buildings.

INIES is governed by a multipartite protocol. This protocol defines the governance rules for the database:

  • a supervisory board, chaired by the DHUP, for which the AIMCC plays a political and strategic role by ensuring the database functions properly and ethically
  • a technical committee, chaired by the AIMCC, whose operational role is to ensure that the data posted online complies with the database’s admission rules, in accordance with the reference standards established under the AFNOR P01E “Sustainable development in construction” standardisation committee.
  • a user committee
  • Since 2011, the Association HQE, a recognised public interest group, has served as owner-manager.
  • CSTB is the database administrator.
  • AFNOR manages the independent third party audit programme.
    • o The PEP Ecopassport Association manages the PEP audit programme.

The INIES Database’s stakeholders

l'union sociale pour l'habitat
l'union des architectes
HQE association
l'association des industries des produits de construction
CSTB, le futur en construction
l'artisanat du bâtiment
Ministère de l'écologie
Ministère de l'Egalité des Territoires
afnor groupe
agence nationale de l'habitat

2013-2017 strategic orientations:

  • Expand and stimulate the use of environmental and health data for the environmental and health performance of construction works
  • Continue to develop useful data for evaluating the environmental and health performance of construction works
  • Develop INIES services to increase reliability and facilitate use of the data available in the INIES database


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