Environmental and health reference data for building

Who are we ?

Managed in a participatory manner by actors in the construction field including public authorities, INIES is the French national reference database of environmental and health declarations for products, equipment, and services for evaluating works' performance

In development since 2004, it is an operational tool that is indispensable for generalising the eco-design of buildings.

INIES is governed by a multipartite protocol. This protocol defines the governance rules for the database:

  • a supervisory board, chaired by Alliance HQE-GBC, whose play a political and strategic role by ensuring the database functions properly and ethically
  • a technical committee, chaired by the AIMCC, whose operational role is to ensure that the data posted online complies with the database’s admission rules, in accordance with the reference standards established under the AFNOR P01E “Sustainable development in construction” standardisation committee.

Since 2011, the Association HQE, a recognised public interest group, has served as owner-manager.

The INIES Database’s stakeholders

2018-2020 strategic orientations:

  • Continue the growth of the database in quantity and quality
  • Strengthen the interconnection of INIES with digital tools
  • To make known and influence at different scales