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What is a configurator? What is a configurable FDES?

The FDES present in INIES correspond to well-identified products. In the case of products with a wide variety of dimensions, formulations, etc., it is difficult to provide all possible configurations in the INIES Database. Some professions have created tools for editing an FDES by leaving the user the choice to enter the few parameters specific to his building or work project.

Configurators are software with input masks for identified configurable data. These configurators contain LCI data (Life Cycle Indicators) for the product family concerned.

To be listed on the INIES database, the tools must allow editing FDES that are compliant with the NF EN15804 standard and the French complementary standard, and must be checked in the INIES programme. The INIES Programme requested that the FDES of the most commonly used products on the market are present in INIES, in order to be directly accessible on the Database and transmitted to the software by the INIES webservice. For the other configurations of these products, a direct link to the configurator is added in the same section of the INIES nomenclature. Today 5 configurators are available:

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