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Our international action

INIES is a member of European networks and participates in the deployment of EPDs (environmental product declarations) and recognition between programmes.


The INIES and PEP ecopassport® programmes are established members of ECO Platform, a European association of environmental declaration programmes for building products and equipment. This association allows programmes to exchange practices in order to improve the quality of these declarations. This means that they have passed the Eco Platform audit. This is a guarantee of the quality of the programmes and facilitates mutual recognition with other established members.

Mutual recognition

In the INIES programme, the environmental declaration must be established for a given functional unit (application and performance specified) for a product sold on the French market. If the functional unit is compliant, then for environmental declarations that have been verified by a verifier from an Eco Platform member operator programme, parts A1-A3 do not need to be verified a second time. The additional verification then concerns the other modules and the health part to comply with the requirements of the INIES Programme.
Mutual recognition scheme

In Data

In addition, the INIES database is a member of In Data, a European working group for the harmonisation of the digital format of EPDs.