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How to consult the INIES database?

Essential for carrying out Life Cycle Assessments (LCA) of buildings as part of RE2020, all the data from the INIES Database are available online free of charge. These data are crucial for assessment of the environmental and health performance of construction works.
The consultation space of the database is made up of 4 tabs Onglets base Inies
Onglet catalogue base INIES The online catalogue allows searching for environmental data in three ways:
  • by family : allows you to search by type of construction product, equipment or service;
  • by declaring organisation : gives visibility on all the declarations of a declarant;
  • recently created/modified : allows users to quickly identify the declarations recently put online.
By selecting a family, the catalogue allows you to view only the organisations present in this family and the declarations recently put online in this family.
The “search for a product” functionality offers users multi-criteria searches. Critères de recherche base INIES

Tips for searching data

  • Search by product id by entering the id in the field “Name of the product” ID produit INIES
  • Combination of filters : fill in several search fields to combine the filters
  • Search by keywords : the search by keywords queries different fields of the data. It is possible to search with several keywords. Research by keywords is in particular useful in case of collective data, because searching by product name doesn’t give any result in this case.

Others tips for using the INIES database

Open an FDES in a new tab

It is now possible to right-click to open the FDES in a new tab (which allows you to keep your database searches in the initial tab).

Copy the link

Copying the url address present in the bar of the engine to later retrieve this data does not work on the INIES database. Good practice is to click on “copy the link” Copier un lien sur INIES
The life cycle inventory (LCI) tab allows you to view the LCI available on INIES. The LCI admission procedure and the LCI model are also available there. ICV
This tab leads to the declaration space in which you can create a declaration account or connect to an existing declaration account. The declaration space allows you to register FDES and to carry out the updates of your FDES that already exist on the INIES database. It does not allow FDES archiving, only the INIES database administrator can perform this action. The page “How to register an FDES on INIES” details the registration procedure. Espace déclaration