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Does the INIES programme have mutual recognition agreements with other programmes?

The INIES and PEP Ecopassport® programmes are part of the European ECO Platform Association, which aims to facilitate exchanges between programme operators and to harmonise practices. It brings together a number of environmental declaration programmes in Europe. Within this framework, the programmes have worked to develop common rules for the verification of environmental data. For the INIES program, the environmental declaration must be drawn up for a given functional unit (application and performance specified) for a product sold on the French market. If the functional unit is compliant, then for environmental declarations that have been checked by a verifier from an Eco Platform member programme, parts A1-A3 do not need to be checked a second time. The additional verification then concerns the other modules and the sanitary section to be compliant with the requirements of the INIES Programme. The INIES and IBU (Intitut Bauen und Umwelt eV in Germany) programmes have signed a bilateral mutual recognition agreement. The INIES programme has already accepted data from IBU after these have met INIES requirements, namely compliance with French regulations and contextualisation of the data so that they are really representative of a product that will be used in buildings in France (in particular transport and end of life of the product). The declaration must also be drawn up for a given functional unit in order to be used directly in building LCA.

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